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Sims 4 Polygamy Cheatl




otto Countries can decide for themselves how they want to treat polygamy. It's their choice. Can it be faulted? No. Then there's the slippery slope. We've already decided that some forms of marriage are OK, and some are not. As I pointed out, the American Indians had hundreds of different forms of marriage, many of which were polyamorous. Nowhere is it mentioned that that's unacceptable, nor is it mentioned that polygamy is acceptable. I don't care which form of marriage is OK and which is not. Can we go back to monogamy? If someone wants to make a new religion, I don't care. But we have the right to vote, and we can vote for what we want. Now you're being inconsistent. As I said, that's between those two people. We can't enforce that. We can't choose one form of marriage and say that's OK and not OK, but we can't forbid polygamous marriage. Yes I am. You're trying to compare an entirely different scenario to the topic at hand. We as a society are being hypocritical when we ban polygamy but not pedophilia. The fact that you are attacking me for the sin of hypocrisy doesn't make your argument any more valid. We can all sit and point fingers at one another and scream hypocrisy all day long but it won't change anything. I don't believe the USA Government should force a nation to follow a particular religion. It should not force a marriage to only be monogamous and only be married for a lifetime. It should not force a nation to follow the



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Sims 4 Polygamy Cheatl

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