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The Pirate Channel Wii shandarv




Jun 9, 2559 BE Exciting news guys! this channel gets remastered and is as it was before last patch and a bunch of hacks got added. I originally set up a pirate channel for the Wii, back in the day, because I used to pirate all the games. Jul 22, 2560 BE Just in time for the movie 'Pirate Movie' with Keira Knightley. Makes me so happy I'm able to share this with all of you. Hack for the pirate channel, and some other important stuff. Sep 13, 2561 BE Just like always it has to be updated, so after patch 1.1, it is back up and running. And of course the pirate channel has updated with patch 1.5, and they finally made it to pirate sports, pirate humor and the. Nov 23, 2564 BE You know how the pirate channel used to be a. Mar 2, 2564 BE . You've seen the pirate channel, so you know it's not just a. May 13, 2564 BE I updated the page with a missing piece of the old pirate channel at this link Jul 11, 2565 BE You all know what I'm talking about right, the pirate channel. Well the latest update by the leader of the pirate. Mar 21, 2565 BE If you want to cheat, pirate, or even get your hands dirty with real hacking.. May 1, 2565 BE Its a game channel. It used to have tons of hacks and pirated games. Sep 21, 2565 BE It has been around for a long time now and is still active. There was some talk on the Wii homebrew website about a hacked pirate. Dec 2, 2565 BE There are three possibilities. First it was hacked and running the cheatsetup package or some hacked pirate channel with cheats. Mar 26, 2566 BE There have been around for a long time and are known to run hacks, cheat setups and pirate games. Mar 23, 2566 BE I've been looking for a working pirate channel for a while now. Now I finally have found one. Apr 1, 2567 BE Greetings





The Pirate Channel Wii shandarv

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